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Massage Restorative Effects

Massage Effects On Digestion

How does stress affect the body?

Having stress can affect the body in many ways.  It is something that can bring emotional and physical problems to the body and there a person should take the appropriate steps to deal with it.
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Body Massage Therapy Techniques
Cranio-Sacral Therapy & Sacrum Rub

A lymphatic drainage massage is a type of full body massage that helps to unblock and drain the lymphatic system, reducing toxins in the tissues and cancer risk (Video by Psychetruth)
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About Massage

Origin Of Massage

Massage is the systematic rubbing and manipulation of the tissues of the body. One of the oldest of all means used for the relief of bodily infirmities. Employed by the Chinese as early as three thousand years ago. An ancient Chinese book, of which a French translation appeared about two centuries ago, was probably the foundation of our modern massage and manual Swedish movements, elaborated and systematised by Ling.

Massage in its varied applications, has its effect directly or indirectly on all the structures and functions of the body.
The structures on which massage has a direct and immediate effect:
1 The skin, its sebeceous and sweat glands.
1 Peripheral circulations, nerve endings.
3 The connective tissue just beneath the skin with its rich supply of veins and lymph vessels.
4 The muscles
5 The large blood vessel, especially the veins, large lymph channels
6 The heart itself may be reached by certain special precedures and it greatly influenced by nearly all forms of manipulations.
7 The large nerve trunks.
8 All of the large viscera of the abdomen.
9 Bones, joints and ligments.

The effects of massage are considered Physiological and Therapeutic, whereby physiological effects are the natural effects on the normal functions of the body, and therapeutic effects, massage used as a curative measure.

The physiological effects are:
1 Mechanical - The tissues are passiv and are acted upon in a mechanical way by hands of the manipulator.
2 Reflex - Activities set up in the reflexly related areas.
3 Metabolic - Constructive and destructive changes in the tissues.

There are two ways in reaching the nervous system
All different procedures of massage produce a decided effect upon the nervous system, on the nerve endings of both cerebrospinal and symphathetic nerves which are found in so great abundance in the skin and muscles.
Further explaining the two:
Cerebrospinal in connection with special senses of locality, temperature, pressure and weight
Sympathetic in connection with the glands and blood vessels
We can have a stimulating or sedative effect according to the procedures used and in the mode of applying. Vibration and nerve compression may be made to act directly on the nerve trunks, stimulating not only the peripheral nerves, but all nerve centers with which a nerv e trunk is connected.
Sedative Effects - The sedative effects of massage are equally as marked as the stimulating effects. Sedative movements are:  Stroking, centrifugal friction, derivitive friction and kneading

About the restorative effects...          

What the Pro's say..   There is no substitute for the human touch..

Massage is a great way to feel and look better, being a well balanced person and therefore being also able to treat people better, and yourself too..

With massage being rather  a lowtech healing art with artistic and intuitive components, you do not need expensive or fancy equipment to start off with, but all you need is a person seeking a relaxing and highly beneficial massage.

The touch of massaging hands will stimulate and improve the body's own natural healing abilities, restoring physically and psychologically, and therefore being the ultimate solution, removing all damaging effects of accumulated stress and body toxins.

Massage is a healing art with many techniques and approaches and so many modalities, that many massage therapists experienced and well trained may not know them all.

Regular massage strengthens and tones the entire body system leaving the recipient with an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

Advice to to those who never had a massage, it's time to definitely have one now.


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